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                            Tom Campbell, Broker

Topics for Presentations and Speeches

Tom Campbell is an experienced educator and entertaining speaker. He is available to speak to your company or organization on a wide range of insurance related topics. These topics include:

  • Consumer Driven Health Plans;   Employees become empowered consumers who make prudent health care decisions instead of just being users of the health care system.
  • Wellness;   50% of our health care outcomes are based on our own behaviours, 20% on environment, 20% on genetics, and only 10% on access to health care. 
  • Cost Savings Strategies;   Are your employees struggling with the high cost of dependent coverage, prescription co pays, and COBRA coverage?
  • Health Savings Accounts;   A way to pay  the costs of deductibles, co pays, and many other health care expenses with tax free dollars.
  • Disability;    Disability insurance pays for lost income to age 65. What happens then? Can you live on Social Security payments alone?
  • Uninsured/Underinsured?;   There are a number of organizations in our area that are here to help.
  • Contact me if there is there an insurance related topic not mentioned above that you want to know more about.  



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Non insurance related topics:

Volunteer! It's Good for the Community. It's Good for You. It's Good for Business!
This power point presentation is entertaining and inspirational.

  • I Have an Angel;   A motivational speech of how my finally taking responsibility for my actions and a simple act of kindness combined to change my life.
  • I Have a Hero;   Same speech as above, but for "secular progressives".  
  • My Olympic Moment;   A motivational speech about a time in my life when I was fortunate  not to get  what I had wished for.
  • Business Ethics;   This presentation is under development and will soon be ready. 
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