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Affordable Care Act

The only reason to access the Federal Marketplace, also known as The Exchange, is if you believe you qualify for a subsidy to help you pay for your health insurance. The above graph showing income and Household  Size will help you make that determination. I have a calculator that can tell you how much your subsidy might be and if you qualify for a cost sharing reduction. If you qualify for the cost sharing reduction, you must pick the Silver Plan to get the most benefit due you.         
Click on the link below to get started. That will take you to my Humana web page. Click on “Find Medical Plans”. Fill in your Zip Code and fill in your personal information. Click on “Quote Now”. This page will ask you if you are “Interested in Saving on Your Insurance”. Click on “Find Out More”. Fill in the information requested. This will take you to the HealthCare.Gov web page where you must create an account. Once you have been successful gaining access to the government web site you should have your financial information available. You might also be asked for my FFM number. My Federally Mandated Marketplace number is    ttoomm4569   . I also have a National Producer Number. That number is   3758704. Once you have been successful gaining access to and providing the information requested, will send you back to the Humana website. Here you will pick the plan you feel will be best for you. Please contact me at any stage of the process for help and information. All this is new to me as well as you. We will sort this out together.             

Tom Campbell

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"2008 Physical Activity Guidlines for Americans". These guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Resources provide science-based guidance to help Americans aged 6 and older improve their health through appropriate physical activity.

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